Cover The case for Progressive Security
The case for Progressive Security

As an input for the Progressive Governance Summit 2024, Jeremy Cliffe and Florian Ranft explore how progressives can address the feeling of insecurity in our societies. They must continue challenging the status quo to achieve a better society amid a new reality of military threats and the hard choices that come with it in domestic politics.

They argue that Progressive Security goes beyond security in the military sense. It is both protective and emancipatory rather than a wall shutting out threats; it is also a hill on which capabilities can converge in the interests of reducing those threats in the long run.


Scholz and Ypi: Dissent for the sake of reclaiming security as a progressive project

When debating, we at least subtly tend to aim for consensus – and consider this a noble endeavour for the sake of democracy. How delighting to experience a nudging dissent – in a debate between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Lea Ypi, Professor in Political Theory and Political Science at London School of Economics and one of Europe’s leading intellectuals.

Progressives need to enter the debate on security. Here is why – and how

There is a widespread sentiment of insecurity around the world these days – and people are asking for answers to the crises causing it, answers that really meet the challenges. Terry Reintke argues: We as progressives urgently need to enter this debate – with a progressive and sustainable security narrative.

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