At the Progressive Governance Summit (PGS), our transatlantic and global partner network worked on strategies and solutions that can make the 2020s a decade of progress. Since its inception, the summit has gathered leading as well as up-and-coming public intellectuals, impactful activists and political decision-makers from around the globe.

Progressive Security: Championing Change in Times of Uncertainty

At the Progressive Governance Summit 2024 we made an impactful contribution to shaping a comprehensive concept of progressive security. To create momentum to turn it into political action, #PGS24 concentrated on three focus points. First, progressives must claim a space and gain credibility in a discourse on military security that to this day is dominated by conservatives. This may be done by an approach to defence, security and foreign policy that is principled in freedom, human security, multilateralism and a strong commitment to tackle the climate crisis. Second, social and economic policies must prioritise collective solidarity over individualism in order to address the grievances felt by many. One will only be safe if those around you are and feel safe,

thereby countering right-wing narratives of exclusive security which is only reserved for certain groups. This includes the guarantee of fair wages and working conditions, social and physical infrastructure, affordable housing and energy, universal access to health care and an economic model that respects the planetary boundaries. Third, by addressing the multifaceted anxieties of today’s electorate, progressives can present a comprehensive, inclusive vision of security that resonates with a broad range of voters. This reimagined security concept offers opportunities for progressive electoral campaigning to connect with voters’ day-to-day concerns and build international progressive value-based alliances after the elections in 2024 and 2025.

The Legacy

For the last 25 years, centre-left parties and leaders around the globe have gathered on the stage of the Progressive Governance Conferences and Summits to openly debate the challenges of the future. From Santiago and Copenhagen to Hammanskraal and Berlin, initially organised by Policy Network and by das Progressive Zentrum since 2017 together with its international partners, the conference has a distinguished history of convening progressive leaders from governments, think tanks, activism and academia to promote international debate and cooperation on progressive politics, strategy and policy. In recent years, the Progressive Governance Summit has emerged as a broad-church platform for dialogue between progressive parties and movements to exchange best practice and craft new progressive narratives and policies.

Robert Habeck at the 2019 Progressive Governance Symposium.
Bill Clinton attended the Progressive Governance Series in 2003.
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