Election Time (Again): What’s Next for Progressives?

Election Time (Again): What’s Next for Progressives?
19 June, 2024

Election Time (Again): What’s Next for Progressives?

22 June | 12:45 – 13:30 (CEST) | Main Stage

About the Session

During the remainder of 2024, progressives will face a series of crucial electoral tests in the UK, the US, France, and Germany. The polls suggest that these elections will be challenging, to say the least. But there is much to build on. After a right-wing populist storm, liberal democracy is being restored in Poland. And Labour is on a promising path towards firmly taking over governance of the UK after a 14-year spell of Conservative rule. In this session, speakers will give an outlook on the challenges progressives face in the upcoming UK, US, France and Germany elections. And crucially, how can they gain momentum for the elections and beyond? And on what grounds would they constitute a lasting project of progress that addresses the feeling of insecurity felt by many?

The Speakers

Secretary General, European Green Party, Italy
Executive Director, IPPR, UK
Senior Fellow, Center for American Progress | Member of Scientific Advisory Council, Das Progressive Zentrum, Germany
Member of the Board, Das Progressive Zentrum, Germany

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