Zeitenwende: The Left’s New Approach to Transatlantic Security

13 October 2022 I 09:30 – 10:45 (CEST) | Main Stage Berlin

Zeitenwende: The Left’s New Approach to Transatlantic Security
9 September, 2022

Zeitenwende: The Left’s New Approach to Transatlantic Security

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About the Session

Sweden and Finland will join NATO, Ukraine is negating naysayers by pushing Russia back and pursuing an EU membership, and Germany is experiencing a rebuke of decades of military traditions. Nothing short of a new era for Europe, this Zeitenwende has resulted in a reshuffling of foreign policy and rejuvenated the debate on security, democracy, and long-term prosperity. As this new political reality unfolds across Europe, progressives in power are presented with diverging approaches, from building on military resources, strengthening diplomatic and economic ties, and combining military, diplomatic, energy policy and economic tools for swift solutions to the crisis. While Europeans grapple with a new reality at their borders, their allies in the United States find themselves subjected to domestic turmoil, begging the question, whether the transatlantic partnership is a reliable alliance going forward. As progressives find themselves at the decision-making position (in many places for the first time), this session will analyze what a progressive approach to security questions (nationally and internationally) could look like - beyond military resources and especially in relation to strengthening democratic institutions, rights and freedoms, and societal progress overall.

The Speakers

Party Leader of the GreenLeft, Netherlands
Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum and Research Associate at Institut für Europäische Politik
Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress
Secretary of State for European Affairs, Portugal
Assistant Professor in Sociology at the Polish Academy of Sciences
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