The Mechanics of Progressive Politics: New Coalitions for Justice

13 October 2022 I 16:30 - 17:45 (CEST) | Main Stage Berlin

The Mechanics of Progressive Politics: New Coalitions for Justice
9 September, 2022

The Mechanics of Progressive Politics: New Coalitions for Justice

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About the Session

Progressive parties are deeply anchored in social movements, long advocating for the rights of workers, the working and middle class, women's rights, the LGBTQIA+ community, and peace and climate activists. In this respect, progressive politics has been a force in transforming society by making it more inclusive and just. More recently, the transformation from industrial to service capitalism, the rise of digital technologies, the decline of blue-collar jobs, an aging population, and the increasing urbanization with a new middle class have driven the individualization of society. Andreas Reckwitz, a German sociologist, calls this the “singularization of the social”. These developments have greatly impacted parliamentary and societal coalitions and the mechanics of progressive politics. As a consequence, majorities for progressives are shifting, new alliances are needed. As these progressive parties strive to stay in power, this session will examine the issues that have resonated and rallied progressive actors to electoral victories - and which coalitions are more successful than others, and why. Because after all, progress needs majorities.

The Speakers

Director for Research and Training at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies
Director of Coalitions and Community Engagement at the Democratic National Committee, USA
State Secretary to the Minister of Education, Finland
Member of the German Parliament, Social Democratic Party (SPD)
Award-Winning Journalist, Writer and Filmmaker
Co-Chair of the Green Youth Schleswig-Holstein
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