Solidarity in Times of Crises: Alliances for a Social Europe

13 October 2022 I 09:30 - 10:45 (CEST) | Room Washington

Solidarity in Times of Crises: Alliances for a Social Europe
9 September, 2022

Solidarity in Times of Crises: Alliances for a Social Europe

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About the Session

Solidarity is often praised as the glue that can keep Europe together. The Covid crisis and now Russia’s war in Ukraine showed many examples of European solidarity beyond borders - from offering hospital beds to support for refugees. At the same time, there is still significant potential in harmonising European welfare state models within the social policy framework, known as the European Pillar of Social Rights, created by the European Union. When facing economic crises and the socioeconomic challenges of the green transition, economic shocks and demographic challenges, nation states are usually to their own devices and some may be better equipped to deal with those challenges than others. As the middle and working-class deal with rising living costs, precarious employment and an increase in poverty, there is a window opening for EU policy makers and thinkers to deliver tangible expressions of solidarity. This session will examine when Europeans are open to redistributive policies and what role feelings of solidarity play in the willingness to support such politics. It will also explore the increasing role of the EU frameworks for member states and the role of transnational networks and alliances in pursuing a Social Europe.

The Speakers

Professor of International Politics, University of Konstanz
Italian Member of the European Parliament, Socialists & Democrats
Editor-in-Chief of the Green European Journal
Secretary General, Foundation for European Progressive Studies
General Director, European Trade Union Institute
Member of the Dutch Parliament, GreenLeft
Assistant Professor of Comparative Social Policy at the University of Konstanz
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