Political U-Turns: Justifying Radical Agenda Shifts

13 October 2022 I 09:30 - 10:45 (CEST) | Room Madrid

Political U-Turns: Justifying Radical Agenda Shifts
9 September, 2022

Political U-Turns: Justifying Radical Agenda Shifts

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About the Session

Progressive politicians came into office to finally take effective action against the climate crisis and implement strong social policies. Wind and solar power, feminist foreign policy, better conditions for low-wage earners and the greatest possible investment in climate-friendly infrastructure was on the agenda of progressive parties. But then came Russia's war in Ukraine, creating a profound paradigm shift on many levels. We can now observe parties changing their political agendas and discarding long held principles on for example nuclear power, price increases, fuel discount, defense funding and military alliances. What new policies are justified and how can progressive politics successfully lead and communicate in this era of political u-turns?

The Speakers

Member of the Canadian Parliament, New Democratic Party
Member of the Finnish Parliament, Social Democratic Party
German Member of Parliament, Alliance 90/The Greens
Freelance Journalist and Moderator
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