Narratives that Renew the Promise of Progress

13 October 2022 I 09:30 - 10:45 (CEST) | Room Brussels

Narratives that Renew the Promise of Progress
9 September, 2022

Narratives that Renew the Promise of Progress

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About the Session

From taking on climate change to empowering democratic institutions and promoting diversity, progressives must act with speed and precision. To do so, progressives need to create powerful narratives with justice at their core and clear paths towards solving the pressing challenges of our time. Now is the time to build on successes and to contrast to previous insufficient approaches. Which narratives can guide us through this window of opportunity to gain public support and legitimacy for bold policy action? And how, exactly, can a progressive narrative shape public opinion and societal development in favor of a progressive and sustainable future?

The Speakers

Professor of Political Philosophy and Theory at TU Munich
Founder and CEO at DemocracyNext
Division Director at the Europe and Eurasia Programme of the Open Society Foundations
Member of the UK Parliament, Labour Party
Political Director at Data for Progress
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