Fast-Tracking the Green New Deal

13 October 2022 I 16:30 - 17:45 (CEST) | Room Brussels

Fast-Tracking the Green New Deal
9 September, 2022

Fast-Tracking the Green New Deal

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About the Session

How do you turn a tanker (fast)? Progressives know that immediate action is needed, but are lacking alliances for a reform agenda that both rescues our climate and lays the groundwork for more inclusive and equitable societies. We also know that the necessary ‘just transformation’ is not a cruel burden, but the only solution so far to secure a future worth living on this planet for all of us. However, this endeavour requires a fundamental shift in public as well as private sector activities and enormous investments in renewable energy infrastructure and a modern state. Change on this scale is a huge challenge for our democracies and governments will have to ensure that policies are just and also accepted by the citizens. How can progressives drive this just transformation by allowing citizens, civil society, businesses and unions to form an active part in a ``transformation governance``? This session will focus on the role of societal alliances in achieving a just transition ( and fast!).

The Speakers

Deputy leader of the New Left Party, Poland
Head of the Structural, Industry and Service Policy Department at the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB)
Founder and Director of Union of Justice
Policy Fellow at Das Progressive Zentrum and CEO at econnext
Member of the Dutch Parliament, GreenLeft
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